1.Integrated Exhibition

Theme: to embrace the new industrial revolution of innovation and manufacturing

Exhibition space: 800 m²

Organizer: The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province, Anhui Economic and Information Committee

Exhibition content:

The latest developing achievements and future prospects of advanced manufacturing industry at home and abroad;

The remarkable achievements of Chinese manufacturing industry since Reform and Opening;

Made in China 2025 initiative and ANHUI province

Exhibition highlights:

Combined with creative elements such as China high-speed railway, the industrial robots, life science, quantum communication etc.;

Displayed by multimedia such as LED touch screen, interactive projection etc.


2.International Smart Manufacturing Exhibition

Exhibition space: 2000 m²

Theme: Intelligent manufacturing makes a better world.

Organizer: Global Alliance of Small and Medium-size Enterprises, The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province, Anhui Economic and Information Committee, Foreign Affair Office of Anhui Province

Exhibition Content:

To demonstrate the latest achievements in world’s smart manufacturing industry and to envision the new trends of smart manufacturing industry

Exhibition Zone Setting:

Four exhibition zones featuring intelligent robots, service robots, intelligence manufacturing and intelligent printing

At present, 26 enterprises have confirmed their attendance, representing the advanced technologies in the field of international intelligent manufacturing.

Exhibition Highlights:

It has invited leading enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing, demonstrating the trends of intelligent technology.


3.Domestic Smart Manufacturing Exhibition

Theme: Empowering Domestic manufacturing by promoting intelligent manufacturing

Exhibition space: 13000 m²

Organizer: Anhui Economic and Information Committee, The Bureau of S&T of Anhui Province, Anhui Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision Committee, Municipal Governments of Anhui Province

Exhibition zones setting:

One preface hall and seven exhibition halls featuring intelligence, robotics, aviation equipment, upscale CNC machine, rail transportation and 3D additive manufacturing, smart warehouse logistics equipment and outdoor smart car experience display

Exhibition highlights:

The exhibition is based on physical products from five manufacturing industries, combining pictures, text, multimedia, VR experience, on-site interaction, acoustic and opto-electronics equipment as complimentary to give the participants a full engagement.


4.Financial Services Exhibition

Theme: Exhibiting Local Finance Style  Promoting Innovation and Openness

Exhibition space: 2000 m²

Organizer: The Department of Finance of Anhui Province

Exhibition Content:

To introduce local financial institutions in Anhui which have seen the implementation of new concepts in finance and have played a pivotal role in facilitating the economic development in Anhui.

To promote docking between enterprises, capital elements and Anhui province contributing to the comprehensive development of Anhui province

Exhibition highlights:

To demonstrate the positive role local financial institutions play in supporting manufacturing industry

To introduce the convenient services provided by financial institutions applying intelligent technologies


5.Anhui Human Resources Exhibition

Theme:Talents Gathering in Anhui

Exhibition space: 2000 m²

Organizer: the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Anhui Province


Exhibition Content:

New model, new technology, new product of human resource service, the result of postdoctoral research, career start-up service carrier (cloud platform), the achievements of technical schools, the stimulus policies such as brain gain, machine province, and employment and entrepreneurship

Exhibition highlights:

It demonstrates the employment and start-up service carrier (cloud platform). It introduces talent exchanges into smart services and provides experience of online and offline recruitment services.


6.Anhui Import and Export Commodity Selecting Exhibition

Theme:new model of trade and new achievement in foreign trade

Exhibition space: 10000 m²

Organizer: The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province

Exhibition zones setting:

E-commerce zone: to display new model of trade (Present at the exhibition are famous e-commerce enterprises.)

Export commodity zone: to display the export commodity of Anhui province (Present at the exhibition are enterprises from Canton Fair and East China Fair.)

Import commodity zone:to display the import commodity (Present at the exhibition are sale centers for import commodities, important import enterprises and national trade promotion agencies.)

Exhibition highlights:

The first time to set the zones for experiencing innovation in retail model— JD and Suning self-service shops

Combination of online and offline exhibition;

Showing new types of trade sale