Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

With the participation of executives, experts and scholars of related industry associations and major manufacturing companies from world manufacturing countries and powers like China, Germany, the United States, France, Japan and so on, this convention will feature extensive representativeness and strong authority, striving to become:

1. A high-end international exchange platform for discussing and forecasting global manufacturing development.

Senior executives from world leading manufacturing companies, famous manufacturing scholars, top scientists engaged in research and development of advanced manufacturing technologies, and former politicians of Germany, France, the United States, Japan and other countries will be invited to jointly analyze the major trends of the world’s manufacturing industry and the new industrial revolution, share the experiences in promoting the development of advanced manufacturing industries, and discuss the international cooperation channels and mechanisms for technology research, development and investment in the manufacturing industry.

2. A display platform for launching the latest sci-tech concepts and research findings by world major manufacturing companies

To display the frontiers of sci-tech concepts and research findings, this convention will invite senior executives from at least 15 fortune 500 companies in manufacturing field and over 300 well-known manufacturing companies, senior research fellow from institutions like the European Academy of Sciences, the German Red Dot Institute, and leaders of the famous manufacturing industry associations such as Federation of German Industries, Federation of Mechanical Industries.

3. A cooperation platform between Chinese government and enterprises and foreign manufacturing companies, industry organizations, and research institutions

Through dialogues and exchanges between people of all walks of life at home and abroad, China will have a better understanding of world manufacturing development trend, and the world can also have a thorough view of Chinese policies and practices in terms of transforming and upgrading manufacturing industry, resolving excess production capacity, and deepening international cooperation. At the same time, a number of major Chinese and foreign manufacturing cooperation projects will be achieved before the convention in order to make up for the shortcomings of the Chinese manufacturing industry, such as the establishment of the Hefei Center of the European Academy of Sciences, the German Industry 4.0 (Hefei) Cooperation Promotion Center, the Red Dot Industrial Design Museum, etc.

4. An international cooperation promotion platform on production capacity under “The Belt and Road Initiatives”

Domestic governments, think tanks and business representatives will be invited to introduce foreign delegates the concepts, ideas, programs, and achievements of China’s push for “the Belt and Road Initiatives” international production capacity cooperation.

5. A platform for Anhui province to promote international cooperation in advanced manufacturing industry

Anhui Province has promulgated the issued by the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, Notice of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government on Issuing . Taking supply-side structural reform as the main line, manufacturing innovation and development as the theme, and smart manufacturing as the key point, Anhui is committed to nurturing new engines for economic growth, building new manufacturing systems, in order to push manufacturing toward the middle and high-end, and achieve a strong manufacturing province.

This convention will be held in Anhui, which gives international manufacturing enterprises a chance to learn more about Anhui, and also brings opportunities for local enterprises, especially private enterprises to establish and deepen cooperation with international organizations, industry associations, multinational companies, well-known institutions and think tanks.

Anticipated outcomes

This convention is expected to achieve the following outcomes, in order for China, especially Anhui to quickly construct a world-class service system for advanced manufacturing.

1. Hefei Declaration

The World Manufacturing Convention 2018 will be the most high-profile event in the manufacturing sector sponsored by the Chinese government. A high-quality declaration will significantly enhance the popularity and international influence of the convention. The rise of a new round of scientific revolution and industrial transformation characterized by the integrative development of the new generation of information and communication technology and manufacturing industry, is having a revolutionary impact on the rapid development of world industrial technology and the profound readjustment of the pattern of division of labor. Global networks, big data, cloud computing, smart logistics, and artificial intelligence have provided new technological foundations and industrial ecosystems for the reshaping of manufacturing industries. A digital, networked, environmental-friendly, personalized, customized, user-friendly network smart manufacturing civilization is being formed. Adhering to the goal of “Base on China, Keep the Whole World in View”, the Hefei Declaration will advocate a low-carbon, intelligent, innovative, and sharing manufacturing industry, pushing to build a cooperative and win-win international labor division system under new rules and a manufacturing community of common destiny.

2. Red Dot Design Museum

The Red Dot Design Museum is affiliated to the German Design Association, the most authoritative organization in the German industrial design community and also the founder of the “International Industrial Design Oscars” – “Red Dot Design Award”. The successful industrial development in Germany has proven that the vitality of products comes from design. The Red Dot Design Museum will display the origin and development of industrial design and the outstanding works winning the Red Dot Design Award. It will introduce world-class German industrial design brands, industrial design concepts, and product design elements into China, injecting the “industrial design” force into the transformation, upgrading and innovation of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

3. Sino-German Joint Industry Fund

Under the advocacy of Mr. Christian Wulff, Global Chairman of GASME and former President of Germany and Mr. Guido Marco Sollors, managing Partner of Sollors & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG), the Sino-German Joint Industry Fund, an equity investment fund with a total size of 3 billion Euros, was established by Huaxia Wenguan. The investment focuses of this fund are China-Germany “high-tech” manufacturing projects in support of manufacturing development, including civil aviation materials and components, robots, 3D printing, new energy, and environmental protection technologies. Through accurate matching of the high quality resources, GASME is committed to promoting the industrialization of China-Germany advanced technology. While promoting the establishment of high-tech German companies in China, we are encouraging more Chinese manufacturing companies to go global.

4. German Industry 4.0 Cooperation Promotion Center (Hefei)

GASME will set up the German Industry 4.0 Cooperation Promotion Center (Hefei) in the Hefei University to integrate high-quality resources like the German Business Association, universities, research institutes, and industry 4.0 model companies. Top German Industry 4.0 experts will be invited to train Chinese senior executives in areas such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things, intelligent production, and lean manufacturing management, to promote connection between “China Manufacturing 2025” and “German Industry 4.0” in all directions.

5. Metalysis 3D printing metal powders manufacturing center

Metalysis, a British manufacturer of 3D printing metal powders, has patents from the University of Cambridge – Fray, Farthing, Chen (FFC) metal powder technology, which extracts metal alloys from oxides rather than expensive metals. Compared with traditional metal production methods, it can reduce the consumption of ores and oxides, and has the advantages of lower cost, non-hazardous by-products and more environmental protection. The Metalysis production has been developed to the fifth generation (Gen 5) phase when the company plans to achieve mass production of several thousand tons. The company will invest 200 million pounds in China on the fifth generation factory, with an expected annual output value of up to 200 million pounds and more than 3,000 jobs for the local people. The construction will be completed within one year, with a gross profit margin of over 50%.

6. World smart manufacturing development report and China Manufacturing Development Research Report

Smart manufacturing will become the essential point for the implementation of “Made in China 2025”. In recent years, major developed countries and regions have focused on smart manufacturing and formulated medium and long-term development strategies for manufacturing, seeking to seize the commanding heights of advanced manufacturing. However, whether smart manufacturing can effectively advance on a global scale depends on the concerted efforts of world countries in manufacturing equipment, smart hardware and software, and specification and information security of network infrastructure. The White Paper on the Development of the World’s Smart Manufacturing Industry will systematically study and elaborate the current status, development bottlenecks and breakthroughs of the global smart manufacturing industry, and propose constructive ideas and strategic plans for the development of the global smart manufacturing industry. The “China Manufacturing Development Research Report” will conduct a systematic study on the status quo and existing problems of China’s manufacturing industry, and put forward constructive opinions.

7. The “pairing” of Chinese and foreign cities

In order to promote the deep connection between “Made in China 2025” and Germany “Industry 4.0”, GASME will actively promote the “pairing” of China-Germany advanced manufacturing cities to create a community of common destiny of Sino-German manufacturing. Hefei is a big manufacturing industry in China and Aachen is a transportation hub for Germany to Western Europe and an important industrial city in Germany. We are engaged to promote the “pairing” of Hefei and Aachen, creating a model of cooperation between manufacturing cities in China and Germany, and adding a new highlight for the growth of cooperation between the two countries. In addition, it is planned to promote the twinning of Wuhu City and Ange, an important industrial and commercial city in the west of France.

8. International talents sharing platform (China)

Telanto, a company with talent resources in colleges and universities, aims to break the dilemma of linking resources between enterprises and universities through integrating excellent international talent resources of hundreds of world-renowned universities and providing quality services for manufacturing companies, technology-based companies, and entrepreneurial companies, including talent recruitment and solution consultation. With the implementation of innovation driven development strategies and the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Chinese enterprises is in urgent need of internationalized talents. Under this background, the International talents sharing platform (China) is to be constructed by Telanto, GASME, and Hefei University to share Chinese enterprises talent resources from world well-known universities, so as to solve the problem of talent shortage in internationalized Chinese enterprises, which carries significant practical significance.