AS. 80:A consulting company (China)


With a close cooperation with the Chinese government, the company develops the district of Xiangcheng, northern area of Suzhou, for European companies. This district is made of several specialized industrial parks such as IoT, biotech, industry 4.0 and many more.

This famous company leads and offer a full range of services that makes it attractive for overseas companies to settle here. Eventually, our mission is to create a Sino-European Business Development Zone where foreign businesses have a reliable and trusted partner.




Business Interest

  1. Meet Manufacturing European companies interested in settling down or expanding in China
  2. Find partners that are already in China and especially in the Jiangsu-Shanghai area.  As we help European companies to do some matchmaking, we are interested to know more about businesses in our surroundings in order to put our clients in relation with potential suppliers, partners and end-customers
  3. Be aware of current trends in the different manufacturing industries.



2.发掘已在中国特别是江苏- 上海地区的合作伙伴。当我们帮助欧洲公司进行一些配对活动时,我们有兴趣了解更多关于我们周围的企业,以便让我们的客户与潜在的供应商,合作伙伴和最终客户保持联系。