EU. 54:A Ground Engineering Contractor (UK/英国)


This is a global ground engineering contractor solving foundation and infrastructure soil problems within the repair construction industry. It is the original inventor and provider of the Uretek solutions – our pioneering geopolymer technology offers the most advanced and accurate systems for floor and foundation re-levelling, ground stabilisation and strengthening, as well as void filling and water sealing.

Since 1982, the company has filed for exclusive patents for several processes worldwide. It continues to invest in new technology and is a global leader in the use of geo-polymers through its ground engineering solutions.

For nearly 40 years and in 38 countries worldwide, over 200,000 projects have been completed.. Key market sectors include industrial, commercial, residential, as well as infrastructure.

It aims to be a forerunner in customer experience. We place greater emphasis on delivering the best customer experience in the industry with a concrete added value promise to our clients.

It is headquartered in London. Apart from Uretek, and operates in UK, China, Finland, Sweden and Poland.


这是一家全球地面工程承包商,负责解决维修施工行业的基础和基础设施土壤问题。它是Uretek解决方案的原始发明者和供应商- 我们的开拓性地质聚合物技术为地板和地基的再平层,地面稳定和加固以及空隙填充和水封提供了最先进和最精确的系统。





Business Interest

I would like to know the investment policy and network with local authority and other manufacturing companies.