EU. 56: An IFM company (France)


With its roots in Asia, this is an International Integrated Facility Management (IFM) specialist, and is always at the forefront of the latest technology.


It is a major innovator in the SMART Integrated Facility Management services industry. Founded in 1997 by French Entrepreneur Joachim Poylo, with its headquarters in Shanghai, it has 20 years of expertise in the Integrated Facility Management Industry, with a growing team of 26,000 employees in 25 counties around the world. The company operates in more than 70 cities in China with global presence in China, South-East Asia, Central Asia and Africa. Clients of all sizes from a wide range of industries, including many listed on the Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000, FTSE100, and CAC40, count on this company for strategic outsourcing.



该公司是SMART综合设施管理服务行业的领先创新公司,是法国企业家Joachim Poylo成立于1997年,总部位于上海,在综合设施管理行业拥有20年的专业经验,在全球25个国家拥有26,000多名员工。该公司在中国70多个城市开展业务,在中国,东南亚,中亚和非洲设有全球分支机构。来自众多行业的各种规模的客户以及公司,包括许多在财富500强,福布斯全球2000,FTSE100和CAC40上市的客户及公司都依赖这家公司进行战略外包。。

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