3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟创建于2016年,获得了索林根市政当局的支持。它是世界上最大的3D技术B2B网络之一。

3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟拥有550个成员,其中包括大型公司、中小企业、初创企业、研究所以及科学和政府机构。3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟的使命是让工业公司了解使用3D技术的经济优势。高速的市场动态变化和技术发展的速度使得个别公司很难做出投资决策。然而,网络中的协作提供了投资安全。3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟为公司和大学提供了关于材料、应用、3D打印技术、回收和表面处理的研究现状。主要目标是扩大研究和发展,并促进工业、科学、教育和培训机构之间的合作。3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟的活动包括咨询、活动、协调和开展合作和研究项目。

另一个领域是面向需求的供应商和服务。为希望使用3D技术的公司提供具体项目咨询的供应商。3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟的实际项目结合了3D技术,以缩小3D研究领域和现实之间的差距。在这些虚拟现实场景中启用了真实的人手和虚拟物体之间的交互。主要的交互对象是真实的扫描,例如一个撬杠,一辆车或一个头骨的ct扫描。为了增加使用和效果,3D Netzwerk德国3D打印网络联盟决定为每个项目创建自己的3D声音。

3D Network Germany (Das 3D Netzwerk)

The 3D Network was founded in 2016 as an initiative of the Solingen City Economic Development Agency and it is one of the world’s largest B2B networks for 3D technologies. The 3D Network has 550 members including large companies, SMEs, start-ups, institutes, as well as scientific and governmental institutions.

The 3D network has made it its mission to inform industrial companies about the economic advantages of using 3D technologies. The core idea is that the high market dynamics and the pace of technological development make it difficult for individual companies to make investment decisions. Collaboration in the network, however, provides investment security. The 3D Network informs companies and universities about the current status of research on materials, applications, 3D printing techniques, recycling and surface treatments. The primary objectives are the expansion of research and development as well as fostering cooperation between industry, science, education and training institutions.

The network’s activities include consulting, events, coordination and the initiation of cooperation and research projects. Another field is the demand-oriented placement of suppliers and service providers for concrete project inquiries by companies that want to use 3D technologies.

Our actual projects combine 3D technologies to close gaps between some of 3D research areas and the reality.

We enabled in these virtual reality scenes the interaction between real human hands and virtual objects. The main interaction objects are real scanned like a crowbar, a car or a skull out of a ct scan. To increase the usage and effects we decided to create our own 3D sound for every project.


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