3D system


3D Systems提供全面的3D产品和服务,包括3D打印机、打印材料、云计算按需定制部件和数字设计工具。公司的生态系统覆盖了从产品设计到工厂车间的先进应用。3D Systems精准的医疗解决方案包括模拟、虚拟手术规划、医疗、牙科设备以及给患者定制的外科手术器械的打印。作为3D打印的创始者和未来3D解决方案的开发者,3D Systems花费了30年的时间帮助专业人士和企业优化他们的设计、改造工作流程,将创新产品推向市场、驱动新的商业模式。

3D Systems provides comprehensive 3D products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, on demand manufacturing services and digital design tools. Its ecosystem supports advanced applications from the product design shop to the factory floor to the operating room. 3D Systems’ precision healthcare capabilities include simulation, Virtual Surgical Planning, and printing of medical and dental devices as well as patient-specific surgical instruments. As the originator of 3D printing and a shaper of future 3D solutions, 3D Systems has spent its 30 year history enabling professionals and companies to optimize their designs, transform their workflows, bring innovative products to market and drive new business models.


产品:ProJet 2500 Plus

介绍:价格经济:MJP 2500 Plus 所制作的部件具有更高的保真度和精准度。让用户在购置办公室3D 打印机时,不再需要在部件保真度和价格之间艰难取舍。

功能塑料与弹性材料:工程级级性能,VisiJet 刚性材料可打印耐用的白色、黑色、灰色和透明塑料部件;VisiJet Armor打印的部件外观类似ABS,质地结实;VisiJet ProFlex 打印的部件类似PP材料;VisiJet M2 弹性材料打印的部件具有极佳的延伸性和完全的弹性回复。

专业化质量标准:确保原型的外观、触感及性能与设计保持一致。利用MJP的简洁工作流程,在办公室足不出户也能制作出品质专业,具有CAD 高保度的高精度部件。


You no longer have to compromise on part fidelity to get an affordable 3D printer. The ProJet MJP 2500 and 2500 Plus are the most affordable MJP printers, yet still offer higher fidelity and more accurate prints than other printers costing up to ten times more.



Engineered for performance, VisiJet Rigid materials deliver durable white, black, gray or clear plastic parts, VisiJet Armor offer ABS-like tough properties, VisiJet ProFlex brings Polyproylene-like properties and VisiJet M2 elastomeric materials deliver parts with outstanding elongation and full elastic recovery.


Make sure your prototypes look, feel and perform as designed. Get professional quality, true-to-CAD fidelity and precision with 3D Systems’ easy MJP workflow.


产品:FabPro 1000

产品介绍:FabPro 1000 是工程和珠宝制作领域的理想之选,其优势在于小批量、小部件的原型制造和一系列材料的直接3D生产,能够以极快的速度生产出高质量部件,操作成本极低,使用简便。

高效率:FabPro 1000的打印速度极快,同时可确保高质量部件的精度和表面光洁度。

整个流程简单快捷:通过3D Sprint™ 软件,可轻松准备供打印的部件文件以及监控打印作业。此外,更换打印托盘和切换材料十分容易,只需两步即可完成后处理过程。

降低成本,保证生产:入门级工业3D 打印机FabPro 1000 的设计旨在提高材料效率、确保运行稳定可靠,从而降低3D 原型制造和生产的成本。

Ideal for engineering and jewelry applications, the FabPro 1000 excels at low-volume, small-part prototyping and direct 3D production across a range of materials, producing high-quality parts with lightning speed, remarkably low operating costs and unsurpassed ease of use.


Compared to similar systems, the FabPro 1000 features up to four-times-faster high-throughput print speeds for higher-quality parts with precision and smooth surface finish.


Preparing part files for printing and monitoring print jobs is easy with 3D Sprint™ software. Plus, replacing print trays and switching materials is a snap, and post-procesing is a simple two-step process.


The FabPro 1000 is engineered for material efficiency and consistent, repeatable runtimes, making desktop 3D prototyping and production more accessible and affordable thanever before.