bannuscher – 3D Medical Services


bannuscher 3D医疗是生物医学工程(BME)的创业公司。


bannuscher的服务组合包括:3D打印- 帕金森治疗手术;开发用于神经外科的迷你机器人;“指导方式”虚拟计划和3D打印“体素”镶嵌- 精确的操作结果;从3D打印机准确地安装颚骨;有限元分析(FEM)和3D打印(AOM)治疗。

bannuscher 3d medical is a startup for Biomedical Engineering (BME).

The company holds important patents for 3D printing for neurosurgery, which can be used to perform more successful operations on parkinson’s and cancer patients.

The service portfolio of bannuscher includes:

  • 3D-Printing – Operation for Parkinson’s treatment
  • Development of a mini robot for neurosurgery
  • “Guide-Way” virtual planning and 3D-printed inlays for “voxel”-exact operation results
  • Precisely fitting jaw bones from the 3D printer
  • Therapy by Finite Element Analysis (FEM) and 3D Printing (AOM)




  • 3D打印- 帕金森治疗手术
  • 开发用于神经外科的迷你机器人
  • “指导方式”虚拟计划和3D打印“体素”镶嵌- 精确的操作结果
  • 从3D打印机准确地安装颚骨
  • 有限元分析(FEM)和3D打印(AOM)治疗